Online Examination Simulation - Student Study Pattern Reports.

Federal Ministry of Education / UBEB Monitoring tool


"Monitoring all the States Students' Study Pattern at a Click of a Button"

State Ministry of Education / SUBEB Monitoring Module


"Analyizing the State Local Government School Areas without Stress."

Local Government / School Monitoring System


"Identify Your Students' Strengths and Weakness Everyday!"


Parents and Instructors Monitoring System


"Improving Parents-Teachers-Students Relationship Every Practise Moments"


Online Examination Simulation Strategy

OES Features

"Passing your exams at first attemp !"

Application of 80/20 Principle is key to outstanding education performance.
Encourage your students. Find out how to know the subjects that really matters to all the examiners.

Online Exams Simulation (OES) application is a complete - Student Management System (SMS) e-Tutorial / e-Coaching system. It addresses education system in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa as a whole. It brings transparency into education by allowing the performance of children adopting the student management system to be sent to their parents or guardians, also by allowing them to test themselves on a topic by topic practice on different subjects as well as enabling performance forecasting to be possible by those students' parents and administrators.

For Administrators

To this end, Hremsoft Online Exams Simulation company has built another solution that will help parents, teachers, instructors, state educational bodies and government analyze students study patterns behaviours and also forecasting their outcome performance even before the real exams is taken.